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Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve Hunting Opportunities

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve Hunts
Hunter information phone number: (530) 342-1371
For information about the BCCER please visit http://www.csuchico.edu/bccer/

Announcing the 2014 Spring Turkey Hunt Drawing Winners

All primary applicants will receive notification and release forms by electronic or postal mail (depending on the contract information submitted with application). You may download these forms from the California Deer Association website here; a liability release form, hunt regulations form, and an access fee of $35.00 (payable to The Research Foundation) must be returned for each person hunting by March 10, 2014. Once forms and payment are received for all hunters in a party hunt tags, gate combinations, map, and directions will be sent to the primary applicant.  Alternates will be notified in the event of a cancellation.

Please send forms and payment to:

BCCER Hunt Program
CSU, Chico Research Foundation
25 Main Street, Suite 203
Chico, CA 95929-0246

If you would prefer to pay online you can click here to go to the payment page.

Period 1 - March 30, 31
(Sunday & Monday)

Parking Area A:
Tim Gobel 
Michael Suplita
Jordan Gobel

Parking Area B:
Nathan French
Les Doll

Period 2 - April 4, 5
(Friday & Saturday)

Parking Area A:
Ed Migale
Crystal Chalmers

Parking Area B:
Richard Wann
David Wann
Pete Benny

Period 3 - April 13, 14
(Sunday & Monday)

Parking Area A:
Scott Beutelschies
Carl Beutelschies
Greg Ramos

Parking Area B:
Howard Halter
Jeffrey Lomas
John Lomas

Period 4 - April 18, 19
(Friday & Saturday)

Parking Area A:
Scott Friend
Philip Stone

Parking Area B:
Thomas Waggoner

Period 5 - April 27, 28
(Sunday & Monday)

Parking Area A:
Matt Hamman
Maddy Hamman

Parking Area B:
Chris Helland

Period 6 - May 2,3
(Friday & Saturday)

Parking Area A:
Gabino Alonso

Parking Area B:
Clayton Leal
Tyson Leal
Paul Nyhof

Period 7 - May 11,12
(Sunday & Monday)

Parking Area A:
Shawn Waggoner

Parking Area B:
Brandon Edwards
Rick Wittsell

Period 8 - May 16,17
(Friday & Saturday)

Parking Area A:
Matt Herreid

Parking Area B:
Rick Wittsell
Danielle Wittsell
Rachel Wittsell

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